About L'Axe Lourd

Sneak peek into Cameroon's first action thriller L'Axe Lourd. Official trailer coming soon. Set in 2035, in a fictional West African country — Njuana, L’Axe Lourd (The Highway) is the first feature action thriller to come out of Cameroon. The movie has a 100% Cameroonian cast and crew. It is a tale of hard choices, courage, patriotism, betrayal and redemption that follows a gemstone which had been declared missing for over a decade. It is produced by Transparent Studios and directed Dr. Nkeng Stephens The cast includes some prominent film industry veterans as well as many famous faces from Cameroon’s entertainment industry. For most, it will be their acting debut. Cameroonians will discover different sides of some of their favorite celebrities who gave dazzling performances. L\’Axe Lourd premieres in theaters and select venues in Cameroon and around Africa later this year. You want to be in the front row to savor the thrill of African action cinema. Share the teaser and leave us your comments below! #LaxeLourd #TransparentStudio #ActionMovie #Cameroon Contact: transparentstudios237@gmail.com #LaxeLourd #TransparentStudio #actionmovie