Fearless Frida

Kousona Sonita,

Meet Frida Fara aka Fearless Frida who plays Kousona Sonita, a professional assassin who went through Child abuse from her Stepfather which left her traumatized and revengeful. On the verge of retiring from being an assassin to focus on healing, she received a tempting call from Brian an old friend. His offer was life-changing but things went South on the battlefield.

Frida Ewongo Nkiruka Tambe is a Cameroonian Actress, Content Creator, and Video Vixen. Born on the 26th of March in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. Her Mother is from Igbo / Bakweri and her father is from Ambele, Widikum subdivision/Bakweri descent respectively. She Moved to Cameroon at the age of 6 to live with relatives but went through child abuse from her mother's relatives before moving to live with her father in Limbe where she grew up and spent the greater part of her life with guardians; Uncle, Aunty, Grandmother, and Cousins.

Frida's passion for acting started at the age of 7yrs,1998 after watching Shaka Zulu, Sarafina, and Zena (The Warrior Princess). These movies inspired her love for cinema. She would perform in school dramas and street plays as a child. Her love for mimicking people's personalities and telling stories in school made her famous and was always appointed social prefect in every school she attended. A responsibility that helped build her ability to lead people as well as projects to success.

Frida Fara at the age of 16yrs traveled to the UK, London to leave with her father and further her education where she studied Business Management, Theatre Arts, and Fashion arts & designs, but with acting as her choice of career, it became difficult for her to push through because her father didn’t see acting a worthy career. She returned to Cameroon in 2010 and didn't give up on her dreams of becoming an actress.

In 2011, she moved to Douala for job opportunities where she started working in a restaurant called Restaurant Mandarin, Bonapriso for 3months. After several applications to work at radio Sweet FM believing it will be her stepping stone into Acting, her determination gave the hopes that landed her a job on Jambo Jambo working alongside President Tchop Tchop for 3yrs. In 2013, her dreams started falling in place when she got her first acting role in an international movie with Stella Damasus, Daniel Ademinokan, and Allen Menget but the movie was never released. She later left the media in 2015 to seek more working experience as a secretary in a prestigious law firm called Jing and Partners where she served 2yrs gaining work experience and networking. In 2017, she resigned to get back into the entertainment world where She managed several artists like Nabil Fongod, GASHA and Tzy Panchak.

In 2018, her acting career officially kicks started when she got a lead role in a Pan-African movie called "Le serpent de Bronze" as Khady alongside Thierry Ntamack, Ivorian comedian Michel Gohou and Siriki & Suki from Burkina Faso produced by Thierry Ntamack. After that, she was featured in a short film "Church Street" produced by Mbeng Ngassa and also featured in a French drama series "Le Mbenguist". She has also been featured in many music videos such as Video Vixen under the company C.P.E where she worked with different top celebrities in the industry. She also worked on Nabstar Radio as a Production manager and radio host alongside Nabil Fongod. In 2021, she decided to focus on her acting career where she got a role in the movie "L'axe Lourd."

“I've always wanted to be an all-round actor, to be challenged with different movie roles, and the project L'axe Lourd challenged my athleticism, giving me the opportunity to showcase this talent I've been harnessing for the fans to see a different me. The vision of L'axe Lourd aligns perfectly with my desired career path. I believe Cameroon is about to experience cinema on a whole different dimension and this movie will be a benchmark for the growth of a new era of Cinema in Cameroon”.