Gobina Charlotte

Mbumbu Joyce

Meet Gobina Charlotte who plays Mbumbu Joyce in L’Axe Lourd. Gobina Charlotte, born on Feb 1992 to a Bakweri father and Nso mother residing in Buea is the first child in a family of 3. She spent most part of her childhood and education from primary, secondary, and University in Buea. She has been in the acting field since 2012 when she was featured in her first project titled “paradise”. After that, she enrolled in the Buea Film Academy to develop her talent. Since then, she has gotten so many movie deals and still working to bag more. The fact that everything she does centers around the media makes it more fun as she loves the media; not just for the spotlight but also for the power it carries.
In 2019, she traveled to Ghana to study broadcast journalism. It might surprise you to know that aside from her acting and journalism skills, Charlotte is equally a video editor. She has been working for a Christian TV Channel as a video editor since 2016.
So far she has been featured in movies like WOMAN, STUCK, WARD ZEE, BAD ANGEL, APPLE FOR TWO, CHASING TAILS, BROKEN COVENANT, DIRT ROADS, THE INSIDER, WHEN IT ENDS, THE DEVIL I MARRIED, THE BESOTTED, MAESTRO (TV series) THE THRONE, BETWEEN THE LINES, BEHIND GATES, L’AXE LOURD ETC. She won Best Actress in a Support Role at the Red Feathers Award in 2018 and Best Actress at the PANAFES Excellence Award in 2021.
Unlike many other actors, Charlotte was never inspired by anything or anybody in particular. She simply jumped into acting because she discovered she could do it and also had what it took to become a great movie star. From that point on, she focused on using art to educate people while passing across pertinent messages. She feels this is more achievable through acting because she can be different characters and personalities through the different roles played in diverse movies. Although she has been in some very striking projects since she started her career, she is still pushing because she is far from where she is headed.
In the movie L’Axe Lourd, “Mbumbu Joyce is the daughter of a wealthy woman; she is a pretty young wife and mother, married to Nwana Payne - a committed military officer who is so loyal to his job and the country. They both have a child called Manka who gives her headaches as she mostly spends time alone growing the child up since her father is always out on missions. Mbumbu Joyce loves her husband so much and loves her child but the frustration of an absent husband and father sometimes gets her too worried.
She and her child are caught in a crossfire between the military and bad guys all haunting for the gem. They run into the bush for refuge only to encounter Nwana Payne who has been captured. Here you can see the love yet frustration she expresses. Despite all, she’s willing to do all in her powers to protect and bring her family back together”.
Charlotte Gobina “L’AXE Lourd will take Cameroon cinema to another level. This is the first actual action film that Cameroon will be proud of. I’m proud to be a cast”.
A Transparent Studios Production
Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.